About Us

BrighterWhite has over 9 years of extensive teeth whitening experience and with more than 10,000 treatments performed we stand apart from the others. A beautiful smile means a whole lot to us. This is why, BrighterWhite makes sure each smile is treated with the proper care and gentleness it deserves. We take the time to make sure you are happy with your new smile, BrighterWhite guarantees it!


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Our Mission

is to bring brighter smiles to many more people in the world by providing high quality and effective teeth whitening services at a much more affordable price and in comfortable convenient locations.


Our Promise

You will love the BrighterWhite experience, We promise it! We go to great lengths to make sure you will rave about your experience with us. We promise to provide our service in a clean, sanitary and comfortable environment and that you will love your new smile. BrighterWhite guarantees that if you don’t see a noticeable difference right away, you will not be charged. We aren’t perfect, but we promise that if there is any problem we will make it up to you in a way that leaves you satisfied.






Meet the BrighterWhite Team!

We at BrighterWhite are committed to outstanding customer service. Our team strives to provide a fun professional teeth whitening experience for all their customers and clients. 

It all starts with a SMILE and the BrighterWhite team always makes sure yours is ready to take on the world!


Scott Miller

Founder & CEO

bringing bright smiles to the world since 2008. Scott probably has more teeth whitening experience than most dentist combined! His passion is to make teeth whitening affordable for everyone.

"Everyone deserves to have a Brighter SMILE"


Kay Jacqueline

Vice President

 is our greeter extraordinaire! Kay is passionate about providing excellent customer service and she will make sure your teeth whitening experience is a positive and enjoyable one from start to finish.

"if you see someone without a SMILE give them one of yours"


Like what you see? Visit our Business Opportunity page and find out how you too can have a passion for bringing brighter SMILES to the world. The BrighterWhite family is here to assist you in building your own business in one of the most exciting and recession proof industries there is while being part of a fun and savvy group of entrepreneurs.

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